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I can provide a full design service, you do not need to know anything technical at all in order to gain a presence on the internet. I can do all the technical work behind the scenes and explain and present things to you in simple layman's terms.

I will openly admit that I prefer to use existing design templates in my websites. This is because I can spend less time coding from scratch (which means a reduced price for you) and it means that I can be sure that your website will look good and work properly.

A good website is not full of flash animations or whizzy gadgets. Most websites need to follow simple and clear design rules and present their content in an efficient and clear manner. I have many templates that can be used to show off your business or personal interest in such a way without any complications and without having to annoy or frustrate the end user.

My templates will work with the vast majority of modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera et al) presenting information with clarity and speed.

Please be aware that although I can tailor the site to your needs and provide what you wish, we will have to come to an agreement beforehand. It would be unreasonable to expect to have an Amazon or eBay clone coded by an individual on a small budget. I will be very honest and open with you as to what my capabilities are and the limitations of your chosen package or budget.