Webdesign - Prices


Due to the varied nature of each client's needs it can be difficult to give an exact price.

Beware of companies or individuals that offer a fixed price website as in reality each and every website will have different demands on technical skills, time and expertise. It would be very wrong of me to offer a "fixed price" package knowing that I would be unable to update, maintain or fix it without going over the budget. It is a very old adage but normally quite true in webdesign:

 You only get what you pay for 

I would much rather be very upfront with a client about exactly what it is I do and do not offer as part of a package. Once I have the full details what the client has in mind I can provide a clear and more direct quote but below I have offered some guideline figures. Please note that these are just rough figures and not meant to indicate a particular package.

Case Study: If you look at my Scouting Resources website you will see a site that rakes in over 10 000 unique visitors every single week and that has existed for 15 years on the internet. 15 years for a website is a very long time indeed and it grows in popularity every day. It contains a vast amount of information and resources and has undergone many changes in design over the years. To create such a site from scratch today would be no easy undertaking as it is hundreds of pages rich in information and content. Over the years I have spent many many thousands of hours working on the site and I would estimate that in the past year alone I would have devoted a few hundred hours to that site alone.

Considering the fact that the site needs a host (and therefore yearly hosting fees and maintanance routines), it generates a lot of feedback ( and therefore many email accounts to be set up and maintained), it has a wealth of content (and therefore many hundreds of pages to look after and correct minor errors), it has many thousands of visitors a week (and therefore bandwidth to pay for and logs to keep an eye on) and it has a massive amount of unique, quality content (and therefore a great deal of time to source, produce, write, check and maintain that content) it would not be unreasonable to suggest that, should I have charged an average of just £10 an hour for the work (which is a very low wage for such skilled work) the total cost for the last year would run to something like £2250.

High price to pay? It would be very wrong of me to suggest that I could create your website from scratch for just £50. I am a very honest person and I can provide a very detailed breakdown of costs in both time and money required to maintain one of my existing websites if you wish. I simply could not afford to spend 50 hours producing your website, and pay the hosting and domain fees for such a low price. I would never charge you "silly money", only a very reasonable rate for what is proven professional work, and on an hourly basis. You will not be charged a massive flat fee that is artificially inflated. If it only takes me a small amount of time to create your site and you are happy for it to remain reasonably static throughout the year then your bill will clearly reflect that in a low rate. If however you expect me to create a multi-page goliath that requires updating every week with new content provided by you then I will have to charge you for my time and expertise.

Please be aware that I follow the Scout Law in all aspects of my life and I provide an honest and upfront service. If you contact me with your needs and wishes we can discuss the exact details until we have something we are both happy with.